Private Dining menu. Food that pampers.

At Darwin Private Hospital, you can expect wonderfully nourishing and delicious meals that will surprise and delight you. Our menu caters for all dietary requirements and offers a large selection of tasty options throughout the day. Your partner can access the same meals from our menu as you, throughout your stay. There is a kitchenette with tea and coffee facilities and light snacks are available during your stay.

Newborn screening test

This test is performed on all babies born in Australia once they are 48 hours old. The procedure involves taking spots of blood from either heel of your baby. The test detects metabolic disorders that, unless treated, can affect your baby’s development. We’ll give you information before the test is completed and make sure you understand and give consent.

Baby’s ID

Your baby’s security is paramount and we make all efforts to ensure a safe environment. Baby will have two identification bands on two limbs soon after birth. Mothers will wear an additional matching wrist band.


Cots are provided to transport your baby safely around the unit.

Hearing test

The NT Hearing Screening program is offered to all babies during their stay with us and takes 10–20 minutes. Sometimes we need to perform a hearing test twice, or repeat it once you’ve gone home with baby. If so, we’ll arrange a time for you to return to Darwin Private Hospital with baby for the test or we’ll refer you to NT Hearing Screening program.

Yellow Book

After the birth of your baby we’ll give you a Maternal Child Health Yellow Book. It needs to stay with baby during your hospital stay so we can complete medical records before you’re discharged. In it, we’ll record your baby’s growth, development, medical history and immunisations. Please take this with you to all of your baby’s future health appointments.

Birth registration

During your stay, we’ll give you the forms to register the birth of your baby and claim maternity allowance and Medicare registration. It’s essential you take these forms home with you as they cannot be redistributed. You are required by law to register the birth of your child with Northern Territory of Australia to Births, Deaths & Marriages Registration office within 60 days of the birth.

Lactation consultant

As a private mum you’ll have access to our lactation consultant who will be onsite at varying times throughout your stay with us. You’ll get expert advice from them about feeding baby. They’re here to help you, provide support and offer practical advice. In addition, you’ll have access to our lactation consultant support service as outpatient for 6 weeks from birth.

Personalised care board

You’ll find a personalised care board in your room, used by us to keep you and your family involved in your care. It’s updated regularly by our health professionals. Please use it to jot down reminders and questions to ask your doctor or midwife.

Midwifery bedside handover

The midwifery bedside handover will occur each day throughout your stay. The handover involves the team moving through the ward and coming to your bedside. We encourage you to be involved.

Servicing your room

We aim for hotel standards in terms of cleanliness of your room. If you need towels changed, additional toiletries or the room cleaned, just let us know.  We also have a trolley in the postnatal ward at the main desk which has supplies of linen and baby supplies that you can help yourself to when needed.

Hospital amenities

There is a Hudson’s café on the ground floor of the hospital, which offers great coffee and beverages and prides itself on freshly-made, healthy and convenient food, as well as some indulgent delicious treats.


Please let the hospital front reception know you’re a maternity patient and they’ll give you a temporary onsite car park pass for your stay with us.


Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hospital.

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