Maternity tours

All private mums that book with us receive a complimentary tour of the maternity facility.

Jabiru Birthing Suites

You’ll discover that your suite is a blend of state-of-the-art clinical equipment and comfort, complete with ensuite, television and Wi-Fi. There’s a range of active birth accessories to choose from, including birthing balls, matts and support rails as well as K2 fetal monitoring equipment in the room and an adjustable birthing bed so you experience your optimum birthing experience.

You’ll also have a comfortable fold-out recliner for your partner or support person.

There’s a variety of pharmaceutical and natural pain-relief options for labour. And please be assured, we want to support your choice in how you birth your baby.

Private room with ensuite guaranteed

When you choose private, you expect your own guaranteed private room in our Jabiru Maternity Ward.

The rooms have been designed to be comfortable and calm, so you can enjoy those precious early days with your baby, while providing the space for your family to be with you, after the birth.

There’s a private ensuite, TV, recliner and free Wi-Fi. Your room will include either a double or single bed for you, plus a bed for your partner or support person to sleep in overnight. Your partner’s meals, car parking and accommodation is complimentary throughout your stay with us at Darwin Private Hospital.

You have the option of bathing your baby in your private room or in the nursery.

Special Care Nursery

The Special Care Nursery (SCN) is a high dependency unit, near the Maternity Ward, that provides specialised care and observation for babies born from 32 weeks onwards. The unit is staffed by highly-trained neonatal nurses and midwives, a team of paediatricians rostered on daily, and 24/7 on-call.

We aim to provide family-centred care and encourage you to participate as much as possible in the care and management of your baby during their stay. Special Care Nursery staff are here to guide you.

If your baby needs further medical attention, we’ll transfer them to the public NICU next door.

Mums can board with us for free allowing them to stay close to baby and continue contact and breastfeeding 24 hours a day. You don’t need to go home or travel to be with baby.

Comfy lounge and balcony space

Relax in our comfortable maternity lounge space. It’s a lovely space for mums to enjoy and connect with other mums. You can also watch our breastfeeding videos here too if you like.

Or step outside onto our balcony area for some fresh air.

Our Assistance

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