It’s good to know when you’ll be back home, so you can start to organise the next stage of your parenting life.

Length of stay

Following a vaginal birth, mothers can expect to stay four nights, however this depends on your and your baby’s circumstances, needs and breastfeeding establishment.

Following a caesarean section, mothers can expect to stay five nights, provided there are no complications and again depending on circumstances, needs and breastfeeding establishment.

Once you’re approved to go home by your obstetrician and your baby’s paediatrician, discharge is 10am.

Car seat

Having an age appropriate and properly installed car seat is essential to ensure the safety of your baby.

We recommend you have the child car seat correctly installed before you go home. In Australia, it’s law to have a rear-facing car seat until your baby is at least 6 months old, although it’s recommended to leave it rear-facing for longer. The car seat should meet the Australian and New Zealand Standards.

Postnatal check-ups and support

The Child and Family Health Nurse from the community will contact you within two weeks of going home to arrange ongoing follow-up once you’re are settled in at home.  You also have access to the Child and Family Health drop-in clinics with midwives from when you go home.

You’ll have a postnatal check-up around six weeks with your obstetrician. Your baby will have a six-week check-up with the paediatrician. Please arrange this with your obstetrician and paediatrician at discharge.

Ongoing support and wellbeing

If needed, our midwives can arrange for you to see additional service providers including physiotherapists, mental health professionals, and lactation consultant.

If you have any questions day and night, even once you’re home, we’re only a phone call away on 08 8920 6066.

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